A Few Interesting Facts About Scented Candles

Candles are no longer what they used to be. It has been a really long time since candles were just a block of roughly-shaped wax enfolding a band of wick used for burning and lighting. The candles of today are scented candles and the purposes they are used to have quite a while ago exceeded the old-time conceptions of using the candles just as a source of light.

Scented candles are the perfect decoration for your home, they are beautifully designed and their fragrance fills up the air with warmth, cosiness and tranquillity. They are ideal for turning an ordinary night at home into a lovely sweet-scented experience adding a touch of romantic ambience.

When buying these candles customers should look for high-quality pieces. Sometimes they should spend a bit more and get scented candles rather than no scents at all, or candles that blown out once can never be relit again. Most of all read the ingredients and make sure you are aware of what you and your loved ones are breathing.

These candles are enriched with fragrance oils specially made for candles. Unlike the oils used in lotions, soaps, shower products, cleaning products and air-fresheners candle odours are specially designed for a maximum time-release.

They are made of blended wax that can hold only a limited quantity of fragrance oil. If candle manufacturers try to use a larger quantity of cheap, low-quality scented oil (in order to achieve rich-in-pure-odour candles) they cannot do it because the extra oil will start flowing out of the wax-like water.

The candle market is full of a huge variety of scented candles. They come in different colours - bright-coloured, one-colour or comprising a mixture of colours. They also differ in shape - round or square, cone-like or sphere-like. They are also differentiated according to their source materials. Scented candles can also have diverse fragrance strength. Some candles emit a mild scent that lasts for a long period of time; others have a strong, persistent odour that eats up the wax quite quickly.

The widest variety of scented candles, however, is as per their aroma. We at HOMELY also have 5 Amazing Scented candle fragrances such as Vanilla, Lavender, Mediterranean fig, Apple blossom and flower bouquet that all have a calming and stress-reducing effect

No matter if they are used as a decoration or for cleaning and freshening up the air, scented candles have turned into a must for today's home, office and even garden.

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