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Prefer Offline Shopping? Here's Where to Find Us!

Hello Homely people, we bet your year has been off to a great start! We know you love your online shopping and we love it too! Bringing your favourite home products to your doorstep, making shopping seamless and super convenient.

Just in case you (and anyone you know) prefer the traditional brick and mortar shopping style, we also got you covered!

Here are our offline stores in a mall near you. Which of them would you be visiting soon? 


Homely Apapa

Shop 17 Apapa Shopping Mall, 84 Park Lane, Apapa, Lagos.


Live in Apapa and environs? Then this Homely store is your go-to place. Our wonderful in-store staff will be waiting to delight you!


Homely Surulere

Shop B8 Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos


For our Ikeja, Yaba, Surulere folks, come locate us at Surulere Mall! Pop in some time!


Homely Oniru

The Shoppes, Oniru Market Road, Oniru, Lagos


Island customers are very well covered. If you live in Ikoyi, V.I., Lekki and anywhere after 3MB, here’s the place for all your distinct homeware!

Are you a procurement officer or would love bulk purchases of gift items or have a special order? Give us a call on any of our hotlines or shoot us an email for enquiries sales@homelyng.com.

Have a delightful shopping experience!

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Healthy Ways to Cure Any Sugar Crave

Sugar cravings can arise from different means, stress, low blood sugar or even when we're sad. Sugar has been known to act as a mood lifter. We sure love our sugar yet as we grow older, we realize we have to inevitably cut our consumption of it. Next time you have those crazy craves, try these instead.


The sugar in fruits is a monosaccharide called fructose, a type of carbohydrate. Processed table sugar, on the other hand, is a disaccharide known as sucrose. The former is basically better for you. When you take fruits, it's a win-win, your crave is cured and your health is not compromised.

Honey as a Substitute

How about replacing added sugar with honey in teas or coffee. Honey is also packed with antioxidants that are very beneficial to health.

Smoothies/Natural Juices

Here's a quick way to quench sugar cravings. Throw your favourite fruits in a blender and voooooom, your smoothie is ready. Homemade fruit juices are also super extra when you have a juicer handy. You can even keep extra batches of already cut and cleaned fruits in the refrigerator, all you have to do is pick and blend.


The rich creamy and sour taste of yoghurt can jolt your taste buds back from any sugar craving. Adding fruits to make a partial even brings the extra sweetness needed.


Water cleanses your palate while giving you a temporary fill, could be enough until the next meal. Carry a water bottle around, this will also increase your hydration rate.

Sugar cravings could show up anytime, you don't have to succumb, try a healthier alternative instead!

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Product Prediction: Top Appliances That'd Make Your Year!

Happy New Year! Hope your year is off to a great start! Here's wishing you the best 2018 has to offer. Here at Homely, we have our all time favourites yet some products always rock the year. We bring you some of the products that will be bestsellers all through this year.

1. Juicers

With all that's going on in the country, ones health must be guarded jealously. Every opportunity you have to give your body a touch of health. Juicing is one of such opportunities, it's like a breath of fresh air to your cells.

2. Colourful Kettles

These Kettles are so lovely, their aesthetic designs and colour ranges are eye candies. They also make for good gift items, so grab one and some extra for friends and family.


3. Power Blenders

If you ask old timers for some kitchen tips, they tell you to invest in a good blender. Once you get it right, you can forget about buying another for decades, yes they are that durable. They are also a gifting favourite



4. Laundry Irons

Yes, you probably have one but if your pressing iron has ever bailed out on you, you'd consider having one extra. Don't forget you can also get for someone.


5. Toasters and Sandwich Makers

What would our breakfast be without some good old toasts. Be sure to add one to your kitchen, maybe another one for the office.



There are tons of other products you'd love, kitchenware, bathroom essentials and more all at the best prices anywhere in the country! Also watch out for new designs across various product categories.

Enjoy your shopping and have a great year ahead!

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Natural Pot Scouring Solutions You Need to Try!


If you’re like most of us "Oh new pots", how awesome they look, shiny, sparkling sets of kitchen treasure. Don’t you just wish that they’d remain like that forever! Yet they do not. We have to maintain them to keep them in optimum condition.

There are so many options available for making your pots great again (no pun intended). In this post we’ll outline some natural options that are available. They are also cheap and eco-friendly!


Sandpaper Leaves


Biologically known as Ficus exasperata, This plant has leaves that are coarse in nature, just like sandpaper, hence the name. They are a widely-occurring shrubs growing all year long. You may have seen it around!

How to Use: Pluck off some leaves, add a few drops of your liquid dish soap and scrub pots until clean. Wash off with your dish sponge, rinse and voila! 3-5 leaves would be enough to clean a medium-sized pot thoroughly.


Powdered Egg Shell

Throwback to high school when this was a Home Economics project. Its easy and very effective. Gather and sun-dry egg shells. Using any preferred tool, ground them to powder, then use as a scouring powder!



You’d have seen grandma using this one. It’s very simple to use. Just take some ash, either from firewood or coal, place on dish sponge and scrub away!


Mildly Coarse Sand

Sand as a pot scouring agent is used the same way as ash and powdered egg shell. Be sure to pick out any large stone particles.

Others include baking soda, lime, salt and vinegar. Go ahead and try any of these simple, cheap and eco-friendly cleaning agents!

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Appliances You Should Consider Getting Soon

Have you ever tried to imagine how your entire house would be like without any appliance? Take a moment to picture it. Almost impossible, right?

Technology makes our lives so easy. Every time a task is made easier by a device however simple, my mind flashes to the fact that someone somewhere sometime in history made that happen and one cannot help but be filled with a sense of gratitude. Thank God for technology! So we can focus on other thing and I trust that there are thing to focus on. These appliances and many more on homelyng.com have been thoughtfully crafted so you can perform tasks with ease.


Hand Blender/Chopper

Hand blenders are very efficient for mashing up vegetables and other groceries that you may not want as smooth pastes.  A chopper on the other hand saves you the stress of slicing/chopping veggies.


Food Steamer

Steaming is a proven way to cook food without compromising the nutrients in them. Electric steamers are perfect for moin-moin, vegetables and a wide array of steamed meals.


Slice Toaster

If you love your bread brownish and crispy without being overly pressed together, then this toaster is yours for keeps. Breakfast will never be the same again!


Juice Extractor

All of us place a healthy lifestyle on top of our goals every New Year. Juicing is one easy way to achieve these goals. These juicers are affordable and super easy to do.


Electric Kettle

Imagine a kettle that boils water and keeps it warm for you. These kettles were designed aesthetically and will sit pretty in your kitchen or coffee table.

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Getting Married Soon? Make Gifting Easy With Our Wedding Register!

It’s wedding season! As the holidays draw closer so does wedding dates with all their pomp and pageantry. They also come with a ton of work, because to pull off a great event, great work must also be done. This is where a wedding gift register comes in handy. It is a proven way to ease off some of the stress that comes with planning your big day.

A wedding register is a system that allows you to choose which gifts friends, family and guests can present to you. It puts you in charge of your event as it concerns presents. It’s revolutionary if you ask me.

You may not be able to control your entire gifting process but you can reduce to the barest minimum the amount of gifts that are impractical and eventually become redundant. You also spare your loved ones and well-wishers the daunting task of guessing what you would like or need. It’s using one stone to grab multiple birds. Everybody wins!

How does our Wedding Registry work? Simple, no cumbersome process we promise. Log into your Homelyng.com account, visit the registry page, create your registry and choose the products you would like as gifts. Once this is done, copy the unique link of your registry and share with friends and family! We will then deliver all the gifts purchased via your link to any location you choose! Say goodbye to tons of plastic utensils and a store full of food flasks and pot sets.

What are you waiting for? Create your wedding registry or share this with a friend and save a life (from plenty stress :D).

All the best!

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Simple Ways to Teach Children Discipline


The difference between a child who displays home training and the one who doesn’t is, home training! Like every kind of training, some teaching and learning are required. Patience is also key. Here are a few tips for teaching children discipline.

Set-up Structure

The beautiful thing about young people as it pertains to discipline is that you have a fresh canvas to paint on. A strong mindset has not been developed yet so it’s easy to teach them. Let kids know what they need to do per time. Write it down and place on somewhere they can easily see it. E.g., Saturday 8-10AM, tidy bedroom and wardrobe. This way it’s stored in their memory.

Have Conversations Around the Matter

Let your child know what you expect from him/her. Growing up in a Nigerian home was tough for most of us. It was almost as if you had to read minds, maybe it made us more intuitive. Yet, its far more productive to talk with your children about certain disciplines you expect from them usually before they get it wrong. E.g., when a visitor is in the house, do this, don’t say that.

Model it for Them

You’d agree that it is difficult to take instructions from someone who cannot or would not do what they keep insisting you to do. Display how certain tasks are to be done. Occasionally, do it for them. Basically, be an example.

Acknowledge Their Efforts

There’s something in all of us yearning for attention and praise. When something gets done especially in an exceptional way, appreciate it. Don’t just make a side remark, say, “wow, your room is sparkling, well done!” If they miss it, correct in love.

Set-up Reward Systems

Knowing the reward for one’s actions is usually good motivation. E.g. whoever does all their chores gets so and so by the end of the month. Whoever doesn’t, gets the short end of the rope. It works!

Give it Time

No matter how big your child looks or the level of maturity he/she displays, a child is still a child. This means that they are still learning. So, saying something once may not equal to a permanent impression. Repetition is necessary. You will need to keep enforcing. Be patient with them too. 

This is the last of our Back to School series. Hope you’ve enjoyed the posts.

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Foods You Should Consider Adding to Your Kid's Lunch bag

For most children, eating is literally a chore! They'd be up and running but as soon as food is served, they switch off. Exception would be their favourite meal. As a parent, you'd agree that you can't keep serving them only their favourites, their diet must be balanced.

Eating at school is another story entirely, partly because you're not there and teachers/day care attendants may not have the time and patience to wait for the kid who stalls in eating the way a parent would. There’s a class full of kids to attend to. You can however pack foods they’d jump at, either by introducing new meals or tweaking daily staples.

There are proven ways to get children to eat more. Incorporating colours, using colourful dishes and unique food plating styles. Try out these meals for your children's lunch packs.


The mere of Waffles can be intriguing to kids. They are also very versatile, you can add any topping of your choice. All you need is a waffle maker, get a good recipe online and voila!

Natural Fruits Juices

It's convenient and timesaving to pack off-the-shelf drinks for kids but try making fresh juices. One batch can last all week if well-refrigerated. You can even purchase organic juices.

Pasta with Style

God bless the inventors of pasta! Mommas' helping hand since 1700! You can up your pasta game so it doesn't be me monotonous. Add colourful veggies.

Colour-coded Fruits

When you pack a combination of fruits, try arranging them according to colours, it will appeal to your child more.

Sandwiches with a Twist

Throw in some colourful vegetables when you make sandwiches. You can use a different type of bread or tweak the dressing. Just make it extraordinary once in a while.

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Safety Tips for Children This School Year


It’s another school year, safety amongst others is a top priority for every parent. Our children of course will not always be under our watch 24/7. Even though it is nearly impossible to not be “concerned” about them, it’s preferred to rest assured that wherever they are, their safety and well-being are in check.

Considering the current state of security in the country, we cannot delegate totally to the authorities. We must dot our I's and cross our T's. Keep these children’s safety tips in mind this school year.

School Premises Security

Ensure that your child’s school is very secure, with fences, gates and security personnel.

Daily School Commute

If your child or ward makes use of the transportation provided by his/her school, anytime new driver and bus assistant is sent, please verify that the driver is from the school.  Also, the times you’d need to send someone, notify the class teacher in good time.

Nannies and Housekeepers

There is never how far one can go to verify the identity of domestic staff. If they are from Nigeria, find out which hometown. If you can, find out who you know that knows someone who can confirm details for you. If you notice anything is out of place at home, you can get security gadgets, some affordable ones can be found online.

Online Safety

Teach your kids to never share passwords with anyone online. This is important since our kids know some of our login details. Employ some parental controls if the need arises.

Body Rules

Conversations around this area can be awkward but how much can we avoid them. Let children know that no one must touch them in their private areas and all of such should be reported to you.

Major School Events

There’s hardly a school year without a major event. The more secure venues for such programs are, the better. Parents-Teachers Association meetings are in place for you to voice concerns you may have about any event. If at any point something feels off, don’t hesitate to back out. There’ll always be events to attend.

Additional Tips

  • Have a secret code. This way when you send someone to pick up your child, they’ll ask for it.
  • Always remind your wards about the universal rule which is to never take or eat any goodies given by a stranger.
  • Help your child memorize mom and dad’s numbers.
  • Even though they may have been taught at school, remind kids to look left and right and left again before crossing the street.
These precautions may appear cumbersome. The goal is not to instill fear but to protect our precious children.
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Five (5) Products Your Kids Will Love This School Year

We are still in the spirit of Back to School season. That time of the year when both parents and children are equally excited. Mom says, “now I can get enough time”. Kids say, “finally I get to see my friends”! Either way, everyone is excited!

We know how much your child (or children 😊) means to you. They are literally the centre of your universe. You’d give them anything they want and need as long as the means are available. You always want to shop for them. Online shopping is bae, giving you access to a wide range of goods from the comfort of your home or office. We think your kid will love these products!

Food Boxes

It’s always a delight packing your child’s favourite food to be taken to school. These food boxes have very tight seals, so it's spill-proof. They come in a pack of different sizes, this way they can fit into different lunch bags easily.

Cereal Dispensers

Avoid the stress of opening and resealing the packaging of your cereals all the time. Now the word’s number 1 breakfast can be accessed with ease. You don’t have to worry about air or insects getting in. You can also get multiple for all your kid’s favourite cereal types.

Colourful Dinnerware

Kids love colourful dinnerware whether dishes or mugs. Bright colours are appealing to them. It is also a proven way to get them to eat more. Get various colours and monitor which one becomes their favourite. It works!!

Water Bottles

No, one may not be enough. Water bottles need to be replaced often and properly sterilized. Sometimes, it’s better to purchase a few extra just in case some special people returns home without theirs. 😊

Pedal Bins

These bins are phenomenal. The ease of use is awesome. Only your shoes make contact with the pedals of the bin, a very hygienic model no doubt.

So, what do you say?

Happy Back to School Season to your precious ones!

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