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Glam-up Your Bathroom with These…

When it comes to style, no one is a fence-seating neutral bystander. Even that person who is seemingly not stylish belongs to a style class. Our sense of style follows us everywhere, it then find its way into our lifestyle. Bathrooms are not left out of styling. You can show off your stylish side effortlessly with our new bathroom collection!

You know how you enter a bathroom and it sort of makes you happy and gives you warmies. You just look forward to having a bath. Sometimes you take a book along and find reasons to stay just a little longer. Great ideas have been birthed in the bathroom, I daresay the quality of your ‘bathroom ideas’ could dependent on how inspiring your space looks.

Here are handpicked accessories to truly give your bathroom a classic, fresh and chic glam!

Statement Jewelry: door hangers

Cute, ain’t they?! These bathroom hangers look like some Swarovski-studded statement jewelry off a catalogue. Hang your towels, bathrobes, shower caps, etc., in style.


Beautiful Shower curtains

Clothe your bathroom space with these undeniably gorgeous pieces made from the best of materials and watch the glow that ensues. The charm they exude may just rival pieces off the season’s runway collection.

Chic Brushes

Looking at these brushes remind me of some professionally made and lovingly coated nails. With theses you may just be admiring them and before you know it, you’re already cleaning!


Sleek and comfy mats

Sometimes don’t you just want to take the slipper off and pamper your feet to the soft treatment of these carpets offer, they dry easily just in case there are splashes and slips plus they come in a variety of colours and textures.


Scales in pretty palette

Yes, those extra kgs and pounds top up once in a while, but then you can find solace in viewing those inevitables on these eye-candy-ish scales. “Watch” your weight colourfully!


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