How to Keep Rodents and Bugs from Your Storage Unit

You’ve invested in a storage unit as a way to keep your belongings safe and secure. But rodents and bugs can do major damage to your items, especially the longer they are stored. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your items from rodents, insects and keep these critters out of your storage unit. Read on for 5 tips for keeping rodents and bugs from your storage unit;

Choose your containers wisely - Cardboard boxes may seem like the cheapest, easiest storage solution, but they are an open invitation for bugs and mice. If you must use cardboard boxes, carefully seal up the seams with heavy-duty packing tape. However, plastic containers with airtight lids are a better choice. They are chew-proof and don’t have crevices that will allow creepy-crawlies into your stuff. Plus, they are perfect for stacking!

Prepare your unit - Before you move in, take some time to check our your empty unit. Check for any cracks and crevices that might allow bugs and rodents in. Remove spider webs. You can spray the unit down with bug spray to create a barrier

Never ever store food in your storage unit - It’s like hanging a Welcome sign up for hungry critters. Make sure all kitchen items are thoroughly washed. Storing them wrapped in plastic or in plastic bags can help provide even more protection. Also, think beyond human food — don’t store pet food, birdseed or similar items in your storage unit. They’re an all you can eat buffet to pests.

Get items up off the floor - Storing items up off the floor also deters pests. If your unit has shelves or racks to hang things from, make use of them. You can also use small pallets to elevate items slightly off the floor.

Visit your storage unit often - Check-in on your unit often or have someone do so for you if you are unable to. Check the mousetraps and dispose of anything they’ve caught. Look for signs of rodents or bugs — droppings, webs, and the like.

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