How to Protect Your Skin From Cleaning Agents

Most cleaning agents have chemicals that are not friendly to the skin. Such that excessive use may predispose the skin on the hands to various hazards. This happens because chemicals in some of these cleaning products remove natural skin moisture and oils thereby compromising the outer layer of the skin leaving it vulnerable.

Blisters, rashes appear and the skin becomes rough and dry after a wash. There are even people who work with cleaning agents regularly, their hands have tales to tell!

Have you ever used cleaning agent that gave your hands some sort of allergic reaction? Then you’d understand how this goes. Use these tips to keep your skin protected and rejuvenated when you wash or clean.


Soak Clothes Before Washing

This allows the soap/detergent to permeate the fabrics better. It also allows the compounds within the detergent to evaporate. This can reduce over-exposure of the hands to the compounds within the cleaning agents.

Cover up!

As much as you can and as occasion demands, wear gloves to absolutely avoid exposure to soaps. Prevention is usually better than cure, right?!

Do Your Laundry in Bits

Washing smaller piles of clothes would reduce the overall amount of time spent washing. Hence a minimized exposure to substances inherent in soaps. This also applies to dishes and other washable items in the home.

Moisturize, Every time

After a wash, you’d notice the part of the hands exposed while washing looks different from the other parts. That is because, some oils were washed off in the process too. Apply moisturizers generously on your hand. Coconut oil also works well.

Washing Tools to The Rescue!

Washing machines, mop sticks and the accompanying pail are gifts from heaven! Maximize them. Quite a lot of washing machines are more affordable today than they have been.   

Opt for Moisturizing Soaps

If you prefer hand washing, then look out for soaps that serve doubly as moisturizers.

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