Product Prediction: Top Appliances That'd Make Your Year!

Happy New Year! Hope your year is off to a great start! Here's wishing you the best 2018 has to offer. Here at Homely, we have our all time favourites yet some products always rock the year. We bring you some of the products that will be bestsellers all through this year.

1. Juicers

With all that's going on in the country, ones health must be guarded jealously. Every opportunity you have to give your body a touch of health. Juicing is one of such opportunities, it's like a breath of fresh air to your cells.

2. Colourful Kettles

These Kettles are so lovely, their aesthetic designs and colour ranges are eye candies. They also make for good gift items, so grab one and some extra for friends and family.


3. Power Blenders

If you ask old timers for some kitchen tips, they tell you to invest in a good blender. Once you get it right, you can forget about buying another for decades, yes they are that durable. They are also a gifting favourite



4. Laundry Irons

Yes, you probably have one but if your pressing iron has ever bailed out on you, you'd consider having one extra. Don't forget you can also get for someone.


5. Toasters and Sandwich Makers

What would our breakfast be without some good old toasts. Be sure to add one to your kitchen, maybe another one for the office.



There are tons of other products you'd love, kitchenware, bathroom essentials and more all at the best prices anywhere in the country! Also watch out for new designs across various product categories.

Enjoy your shopping and have a great year ahead!

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  • I noticed from taking a toll on your outlets that most of items to be purchased are sabichi. Almost if not all of kenwood has been faced out whicb leaves with little or no option of purchasing it from other company.
    Almost all of my kitchen utensils were purchased from Homely. Please help in restocking kenwood products eg microwave, juice extractor etc.
    Many thanks.

    Temitope Ayorinde

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