Safety Tips for Children This School Year


It’s another school year, safety amongst others is a top priority for every parent. Our children of course will not always be under our watch 24/7. Even though it is nearly impossible to not be “concerned” about them, it’s preferred to rest assured that wherever they are, their safety and well-being are in check.

Considering the current state of security in the country, we cannot delegate totally to the authorities. We must dot our I's and cross our T's. Keep these children’s safety tips in mind this school year.

School Premises Security

Ensure that your child’s school is very secure, with fences, gates and security personnel.

Daily School Commute

If your child or ward makes use of the transportation provided by his/her school, anytime new driver and bus assistant is sent, please verify that the driver is from the school.  Also, the times you’d need to send someone, notify the class teacher in good time.

Nannies and Housekeepers

There is never how far one can go to verify the identity of domestic staff. If they are from Nigeria, find out which hometown. If you can, find out who you know that knows someone who can confirm details for you. If you notice anything is out of place at home, you can get security gadgets, some affordable ones can be found online.

Online Safety

Teach your kids to never share passwords with anyone online. This is important since our kids know some of our login details. Employ some parental controls if the need arises.

Body Rules

Conversations around this area can be awkward but how much can we avoid them. Let children know that no one must touch them in their private areas and all of such should be reported to you.

Major School Events

There’s hardly a school year without a major event. The more secure venues for such programs are, the better. Parents-Teachers Association meetings are in place for you to voice concerns you may have about any event. If at any point something feels off, don’t hesitate to back out. There’ll always be events to attend.

Additional Tips

  • Have a secret code. This way when you send someone to pick up your child, they’ll ask for it.
  • Always remind your wards about the universal rule which is to never take or eat any goodies given by a stranger.
  • Help your child memorize mom and dad’s numbers.
  • Even though they may have been taught at school, remind kids to look left and right and left again before crossing the street.
These precautions may appear cumbersome. The goal is not to instill fear but to protect our precious children.
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