You Chose Bae, Now Choose Your Gifts!

A bridal registry or wedding registry is a service provided by a website or retail store, which assists soon-to-be-wedded couples to let their guests in on their gift preferences.

Selected items are compiled and made accessible to friends and family with the system updating the list to show purchased items to avoid doubles. This coupled with the possibility of getting huge discounts from your chosen retail store.

Wedding registries started in Chicago, USA back in 1924 and the electronic version was first ushered in by US retail giant-Target in 1993.

The entire process of gifting has evolved over the years even here at home in Nigeria.

One major reservations most of us have about utilizing this system are mostly cultural, won’t I appear needy, what if they have something else in mind. Fact is most of your friends and family may even be in a dilemma about what to get you for your big day, so why not “help” them. You’d agree that most of the not-so-useful gifts we unravel after weddings were last minute “let me just give something” kinds, right?

Yes, you may not be able to control what Aunty Ibadan or Mummy Abuja would give to you, not to even talk about the cooperative/thrift societies your mom belongs to.

Agreed, even with your registry, you may still get those “awesome” presents but they will not upset you more since you got most if not all of all your desired items.

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