Aspire Collection

  • Sabichi Aspire Bread Knife-108838 QUICK VIEW Sabichi Aspire Bread Knife-108838 ₦3,600.00

    Sabichi Aspire Bread Knife-108838


    The Aspire Bread knife with its ergonomical thumb grip features serrated edges to cut through hard crusts & soft centres without tearing or squashing the loaf.Brushed stainless steel blade &...
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  • Sabichi Aspire Chef Knife-108821 QUICK VIEW Sabichi Aspire Chef Knife-108821 ₦4,000.00

    Sabichi Aspire Chef Knife-108821


    The Aspire Chefs knife with its handy ergonomical thumb grip is the most used knife in the kitchen, suitable for almost any task from chopping, slicing, dicing & crushing. Brushed...
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  • Sabichi Aspire Carving Knife-108845 QUICK VIEW Sabichi Aspire Carving Knife-108845 ₦3,600.00

    Sabichi Aspire Carving Knife-108845


    The Aspire Carving knife with its ergonomical thumb grip is a slim knife with a long & flexible blade featuring a sharp tip for preparing meat or carving a joint...
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  • Sabichi Aspire Sauce Pan QUICK VIEW Sabichi Aspire Sauce Pan from ₦10,400.00

    Sabichi Aspire Sauce Pan


    This range is built without compromise.Stainless steel.0.6mm body & 3.0mm capsulated base.Twin straining system.Riveted cast handles.Pouring lips.Available in different sizes: 1.2ltr, 2ltr, 2.5ltr capacity.
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  • Sabichi Aspire Utility Knife-108869 QUICK VIEW Sabichi Aspire Utility Knife-108869 ₦2,500.00

    Sabichi Aspire Utility Knife-108869


    The Aspire Utility knife with its ergonomical thumb grip is a medium sized multi-purpose knife for cutting & preparing meat & larger vegetables.Brushed stainless steel blade & handle.Full tang.Ergonomically designed...
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