10 Unforgettable Wedding Registry Gift Ideas

You may be guilty of this! I know because I am. You're looking forward to the weekend, big wedding ahead and all of a sudden it dawns on you, you've made every preparation, outfit-check, hair and make-up - sorted, tux and your signature cologne, well-chosen.  Your slay game is secured. You just somehow forgot to include the gift. You know you'd feel very guilty and a tad embarrassed when everyone gets up to present their gift and you're still sitting. So you made a quick dash to the general store to get a gift, anything to show you care and also avoid the "so-na-only-food-you-come-chop" stares usually exchanged at gift time.

Sometimes, it is the uncertainty of not knowing what exactly the couple needs (or wants). Here's where a registry comes in. It saves you from the horrendous task of guessing.

An unforgettable gift usually meets one or all of these criteria.

  • It is thoughtful and meaningful.
  • It is very usable (in the next 3 years tops).
  • It helps the receiver save big.
  • Not necessarily given to "impress".

Here are some of our unforgettable gift ideas.

  1. Really Cool Dishes/Dinnerware

 Away with the regular, do it differently this time!



  1. A Super-Powered Blender

Super-powered implies that it will do more in less time.



  1. A Set of Quality Chef Knives

No, not the 50-piece set that never ever gets to be used


  1. A Food-Processor

This appliance is far more versatile than we give it credit for.


  1. Electric Kettle

Tea, coffee, eba and everything in-between



  1. Classy Glassware

August visitors will be well-entertained…



  1. A welcoming Door Mat

 A door mat that welcomes one’s heart to the home.



  1. Stellar Cutlery Set

You can throw in a chopping board too.


  1. Picture Frames/Paintings

Could come with pictures of very precious memories.


  1. Basic Cookware

Basic because it gets to be used often and not as a decorative, cool-to-have item on the shelf.



All the best!

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