20 Things You Never Thought We Had in Stock

Oh the beauty of online shopping, you get the same feeling as walking down the aisles of your favorite walk-in mart, maybe even better. There are times you want to add every item to your cart and fortunately, unlike a physical shop, your cart never gets “full”. You’d agree that some products are easily seen and some appear to be hiding and would just need a little more searching. We took the pain to push forward some of our merchandise that you may never have spotted even the last time you came around.

These items would add a lot of ease and convenience to your everyday life from the kitchen, living room and (don’t quote us) the other room. Of course, there are more, for now, scroll through and shop away!

1. Chopper

2. Coffee Maker

3. Concierge Tea pot

4. Drizzle set


5. Paper Towel holder

6. Sink Organisers

7. Luggage scales

8. The coolest yet affordable clock you’d ever find

9. Hanging Shoe Organiser

10. Under-bed Storage Organiser

11. Shoe Racks

12. Wine storage holders

13. Laundry Bins

14. Ironing Board Covers

15. Bread Toaster

16. Electric cookers

17. Artsy Chopping Board

18. Hand blender

19. Foldaway Grater

20. Wall clock with temperature reader

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