5 Tips to Make Meal Planning Easier

I saw a post recently detailing the average annual cost of all the tasks a woman does at home. Yes, it was in millions. Imagine how much would be paid if you hire someone to carry out all your chores and responsibilities. Homemaking is serious work. It's the reason why, for every aspect of the home, proper planning must be put in place. 

For obvious reasons, Meal planning is one of the most critical aspects of home keeping. Food is yet to be replaced as one of the top needs of man. It is and will always be a priority. Let's admit it, sometimes you refer the kids to whatever is in the refrigerator or you over repeat the same meals. Not because it's what you'd prefer but because, there's no time. 

So, here's a few tips to help make meal planning easier.

Write it Down

You are browsing through Instagram and you spot a yummy recipe from your favourite food blogger. Note it down somewhere. It’s not enough to make a mental note of it. Writing it down will increase your chances of trying out the recipe or even doing your own version.

Ask Questions!

It is very discouraging to spend so much time planning and cooking a meal only to have a few members of the home eat (or enjoy) it. Go ahead, ask them how they like certain meals. Sometimes, they may not tell you because of fear of offending you. This will help in maximising the next tip.

Take Relevant Inventory

Okay, after you have asked questions, revisit how you stock up the house. Yes, every month you buy all the basics, rice, beans, vegetable oil…etc. This may not be enough. Find out what never gets used. You’d know by checking expiry dates or inspecting the colour, texture and smell of groceries. This way you can cut waste and focus on what’s truly relevant.

Draw up a Workable Schedule

There is no need to get under undue pressure. Every family is different and has different nutritional requirement. Draw a meal plan that is flexible. A rigid one could breed frustration. That way you can swap certain meals. E.g., you can take today’s breakfast tomorrow based on what resources are available

Splurge on Storage Containers

Food storage is the working homemaker’s best friend. You can plan way ahead sometimes as much as two weeks. Get good storage containers not just the regular takeaway types. They’ve been designed to keep food safe especially in the refrigerator and microwave.

Got any tips? Share with us!

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