Where Appliance Trends Are Headed in the Next 5 Years

Technology is at an all-time high. Home appliances are right in the middle of this phenomenal advancement. Thanks to WiFi chips which lets you connect your appliance to the internet and control it from a smart phone, these devices are now referred to as “smart”. Fantastic, right? It's the kind of tech that you can't help but latch on to. You don't even need to be a techie nerd.

There was a time when these were mere imaginations in the mind of sci-fi authors but now, they could be right in your local appliance store. Our curiosity led us to do some findings. The internet of things has taken over and is here to stay!

So, in the next five years, we expect to see this internet of things more optimized possibly with artificial intelligence even fully integrated.

Here are a few appliances that are light years ahead in innovative advancement.


The latest refrigerators are smart! Some of your favourite features have been integrated in it. Temperature settings for different compartments, camera to view inside your fridge right from your phone and even music players. Some even monitor the level of groceries in inside so it orders a refill automatically!

Pots and Other Utensils

These days, there are pots that have inbuilt thermometers that you can pre-set based on the temperature requirement of the meal your preparing. When the pot heats up to this temperature, it stops cooking. There are even cooking spoons with thermometers too! Just by stirring, you already know hot your food is.

Coffee Maker

Wake up and smell the coffee, literally! The latest generation of coffee makers allows you to fix yourself a cup right from your smart phone! So, you may not even need to get up from the bed. Please if this isn’t heaven, what is it?

Air Conditioners

Already out of the house and you forgot to put off your AC? Just open the app on your mobile device and control it from there.


Smart cookers make use of the induction cooking technology. Only the heating portion of the stove gets hot, every other inch of the surface remains cool. The cookware may need to have iron or any magnetisable component to primary function. So, no more accidental burns while cooking.

The question of security may have crossed your mind, don’t worry, these apps come with passwords, an unauthorized person does not have access to your appliance.

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