5 Ways You'd Never Thought You Could Save on Power Bills

The year dawned and we woke up to the realities of the country being in a recession. It's June and we are still moving, still pushing. We are survivors!  We have however learnt to adjust. Frugality and minimalism are among the words whose use have increased drastically. Everyone is buying into the idea of saving more or saving towards a goal. From travel to certifications or even saving to purchase that appliance of your dreams. Saving has gained significant traction.

Bills are piling yet net income does not seem to be moving up proportionately. Wisdom will require that we find creative ways to cut down on certain inevitable spendings. Electricity is sure one.

The privatisation of power distribution in Nigeria has changed how electricity is consumed. Tariffs have gone up as much as N23.60/KW/h (differs with regional distribution companies) and prepaid metres are here to stay. Use these simple tips to save up on your power consumption.

Buy Energy-saving Appliances

Some appliances by the way they are configured consume a lot of avoidable power. Consult with your electrician. Use energy-saving light bulbs as well as irons, electric kettles, etc. Keep Your Computer in Energy Saving Mode

Switch Off Lights and Appliances When Not in Use

Apart from buying energy-efficient devices, it would also be great to turn them off whenever you’re done using them. You should also unplug totally thereafter. If there is no one in a room, turn off the lights there. Coffee makers, electric kettles and juicers should be switched off as soon they are done working.

Use a Fan Sometimes

This will be easier to implement as the weather is colder these days. Even as the temperature rises as the year goes by, turn off the air conditioner sometimes and supplement with a fan. You can even get ones rechargeable now.


Keep Doors of Refrigerators or Ovens Closed

Every time temperature change occurs, one body gains energy while the other loses. Whenever you open your fridge or the door when the AC is on, energy is lost by the fridge and the AC would have to work a little extra to attain the immediate operational temperature. Same applies in an electric oven when it’s opened. You may not notice these changes but in reality, they are occurring. Keep all these doors closed as you as possible to save power.

These tips may appear insignificant but imagine saving little amounts every hour for a month in an entire year. Yet if you sum it up, you would be amaze. Let’s break it down: Say you save N50 every hour from applying the above tips. That is N50 x 24 hours x 365 days. This totals N438,000. Please won’t this money go a long way taking care of something else?!

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