Simple Ways to Ease-up your Chores

Work, work, work, work, work! Says aunty Riri.

Wish it was as easy as singing it. Chores are hard, tough, not fun. We wish we wouldn't have to do them but we know there is no escaping them. Technology has made a lot of things easier and more convenient. Yet, we'd still need to put effort, however minimal.

I have learnt that if you take out time to slow down, strategize or even ask questions, even the most difficult of tasks have a way around them.

Here are some of the most inevitable chores at the home front and some hacks to finalists running away from them.

Doing Dishes


Dishwashers are great but until we get one...

Rinse/wash a utensil immediately after use.

Wash classes of utensils together, so you aggregate cutlery and wash, then do same for the others. This puts some form of order in the entire process.

Wash off utensils that get sticky so easily, imagine a dried-in eba spatula during harmattan…

Boil water in a burnt pot to get rid of the mess, you can add salt too.

For large families/occasions, get a large bowl, fill with water and soap, leave for a while and soak for a little while.

Get a washing brush for bottles and deep cups.


Keeping the Wardrobe in Order

Someone once said, “if I take a look at your wardrobe, I can guess the current state of your life”. It may sound extreme but there’s a tinge of truth in it. Think about it, when you are in a rested state and things are going fine, you’re less likely to “scatter” things. If your closer is perpetually in disarray, try these tips.

Keep outfits according to their kinds Shirts on one side, jackets, skirts, natives, scarves, have an assigned corner for every single piece of clothing. You can even colour code your entire wardrobe! So when you want to wear that favourite navy blue skirt with a coral pink blouse, your mind (and hand) knows exactly where to go. This would save you time and grant you so much peace of mind.

You can also make use of storage containers closet organisers. They are lifesavers.


Food Storage


There is something quite of-putting about a refrigerator that is not organised. This plate here, that bottle there. Or cereals scattered all around the pantry/shelves. Storage containers used in the kitchen can help curb these. There are safe and super durable.

Chores don’t have to be such a pain. Constantly look for creative ways to lighten then up. You can ditch the traditional brooms for the ones with long handles and save your waist from all that bending, it is not only about working hard but working smart.

Remember this always, the best hack for ease and order in the home is to note this: A place for everything and everything in its place.

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