Colour Me Rainbow: Meet Our Kitchen of Many Colours


Colours represent a part of how we express ourselves. Everyone has a favourite or most preferred type.

They have been said to affect us in various ways. Children’s room and play areas are designed with bright colours for a reason. Colour-coded kitchens are a hot trend these days, with every colour you can imagine. Sometimes you just wish you can give your own kitchen a splash of all of your favourite colours, right?!

The rainbow as we know it consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. We want to show you that there’s something for most shades as you like them.


Red has various shades including pink, maroon, rich connotes energy, love, romance, passion and even leadership.




Orange is the colour of harvest time, stimulation and enthusiasm. Add a tinge of gold and you have royalty, prestige and domination.




Yellow represents joy, intellect and freshness.




With green you have peace, healing and the aura of great mother nature.




Blue brings feelings of tranquillity, softness and healing. It also connotes integrity and knowledge.



Indigo is the colour gotten from mixing blue and violet. It however has a higher proportion of blue in it. Wisdom, self-awareness and spirituality. It also provokes compassion.






Violet combines the qualities of red and purple giving off lush, luxurious and extravagant vibes.


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