Celebrity Issue: Meet Radio Queen Titilayo ‘Titithedynamite’ Oyinsan

On our celebrity issue this week, we bring you the golden-voiced Titilayo Titithedynamite Oyinsan or TEEEYETEEYE as she’ s fondly called is an OAP at Inspiration FM 92.3, where she hosts Your baby and you, Naija women in business, fitness segment and On-Air Book Club. She’s also the co-founder of Amber 11 media company. She’s a favourite face at events and hosts several of them.  Titi has been in the modelling industry for about a decade before she moved into radio full time.

Last year, to commemorate her 30th birthday, she started the IamDynamite Network, an initiative to send 300 young girls to school, set of 30 girls at a time. She also runs the IamDynamite bookstore where books by Nigerian authors are retailed with proceeds pooled together towards the project of educating the girl child. She’s a holder of diverse awards.

She’s happily married to Oscar Oyinsan of City FM and they have two beautiful daughters, Amber and Ruby. She runs a video series on Youtube chronicling the laughter-filled world of her twins, they are adorable!

TeeEyeTeeEye is a very active member of the fitfam. She takes fitness very seriously which you would find in her healthy eating and work out sessions. You’d rarely find her without her smoothie cup. We’re sure a power juicer lies somewhere in her kitchen. We love how she balances her career and the home front, being a mum and a wife.

From all of us at Homelyng, Happy Birthday Ma.

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