Do Your Laundry in Style...

They say you are addressed by how you're dressed, and laundry is the art and practice of caring for what you wear, seen the correlation?

This isn't just about showing yet another product list,  rather we hope to guide in making informed choices regarding key devices. It's also about ensuring you purchase products that would last, that you'd use and use and use. These handpicked laundry devices and accessories are almost inevitable.



Our rustproof, easy to use, made from the finest steel.

Our comprehensive range of airers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, made from the finest of aluminum. It's got ample  drying space, foldable and easy to store.

Laundry Irons

You don't just need irons, you need irons that are durable as well as easy to use and stick proof. Find an amazing range here.


Iron Boards

Ironing boards are what butter is to bread or jollof is to dodo, they just go better hand in hand. They are also more convenient, plus bye bye back ache when ironing .

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