Simple Machines… Really, These Devices Can Make Your Life Easier


Do you remember simple Machines from basic or integrated science in junior secondary school? Let me refresh your memory a little bit. A machine is any device or arrangement that makes work easier. It saves time and aids convenience. The idea is that if you carry out a task on your own as against doing same aided with a device, the difference would be clear, crystal clear!

Sometimes I try to wonder how my household lifestyle would be if these devices were not in existence, how much time would I spend in the kitchen, laundry or simply getting my morning coffee fix, sometimes I'm doing a mental task of maybe finding out who invented these machines and how can I pay my gratitude, (Edison, Faraday and all your friends, thank you!). But then, maybe simply purchasing them would be a better way to thank them, thanks to royalties and funds from patent rights.

So are you setting up your own place soon, here are some simple Machines that can truly make your life easier!

Blender/Food Processor

Can you even picture a kitchen without blender, I sure can’t. From tomatoes for stew to crayfish for soup, a blender is arguably a woman’s kitchen fave!


Deep fryer

Did you see those memes going around a while ago, of some guys wearing helmets while frying some food. That splash that accompanies frying has no chills and some have had serious injuries in the process. A deep fryer takes all that trouble off you.

Juice Extractor

Healthy eating has gained more traction in recent times more than ever. Getting a juice extractor is one of the first steps towards your fitfam goals.


Pressing Iron

It is almost illegal for a house to not have a pressing iron (lol), even if you dry-clean all your clothing, a good iron is vital, necessary, indispensable in a household. You’d definitely be needing one.

Electric Kettle

I particularly love the speed with which the electric kettle takes to bring water to boil. Very easy to use too.


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