Cheers…Unveiling Our Finest Line of Glasses

It’s your best friend’s wedding, best man duties demand that you give the toast, you pour yourself some bubbly, clink clink, you call everyone’s attention and call up beautiful memories of your amazing friendship…cheers, everyone choruses.

There’s something about that clink of the glass. We’d usually say cheers to accompany it but there’s another sound barely muttered, it says wellness, prosperity, the beginning of better and greater things to come, it is hope and the anticipation of happily ever afters.

Different glasses may mean different things to us at different times. At Homely, We have stocked the finest and best of them. They are durable, crafted from the most pristine of materials, polished to perfection and ideal when you’re celebrating, with friends gathered around our table and even the everyday family dining. Here are a few of our glasses and their uses.

The Standard Wine Glass

This type of glass is typically used for red and white wines; they have broad openings to allow you get a good grasp of the wines aroma. Use the ones with broader openings for red wines and the narrower ones for white wines.


Champagne Flute

This one is used for all things bubbly of which champagne is a major member. It was designed to allow bubbles emanate from a single source as well minimizing the drink’s exposure to air.


Cocktail Glass

This glass is long-stemmed. It is the go-to glassware for cocktails and even mocktails, it is sometimes called the margarita glass.


Ball Glass

It has two varieties, the highball and the low ball, the high ball variety is used for iced teas, juices, while the low ball can be used for whiskeys, mixed drinks and more.


Whiskey Glass

Just as the name implies, it is used specially for whiskeys, rums and the likes.


Tumbler Glass

The tumbler is flat-bottomed, it can be used for water. Tumblers are very versatile so they are definitely items to have in good numbers.

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