Safest Pots and Pans to Cook With

In the past decade, health awareness has risen significantly amongst us. We are now more than ever conscious of the different aspects of our daily lives as it relates with well-being. Folks now ask, “what’s in my child’s food”, “how much of this or that am I consuming”?

It is important to note that some cookware are safer to use than others. Some are better used for a short while and replaced, while others are a no-no for certain foods especially the ones with high acidic content. The following are the safest cookware to utilize, some may appear like luxury items and out of your budget but remember that nothing is too high to spend to protect the health of you and your family.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a must-have in the kitchen especially boiling, sautéing and baking. It is non-toxic and can retain heat. It is also easy to clean. Be sure to look out for a collection of high quality stainless steel pots and bakeware such as muffin tins and baking sheets.


Non-Stick Cookware

Non-stick pots are super convenient and have come to stay however be sure to purchase the ones without PFCs or other types of toxic coating.



The best form of aluminium used in making cookware is anodized cookware. This type of aluminium is a better alternative to plain aluminium because it doesn’t leach easily.


Glass Lid

Glass is absolutely eco-friendly, nontoxic and durable. It’s a great material to choose when stocking your kitchen with chemical-free cookware, most cookware now have glass covers.


Ceramic is an organic material that has been used for baking dating back to ancient cultures. Today, you can find nicely made ceramic bake and cookware in a variety of colors. It is very durable and versatile.


Cast iron

Guess what that legendary three-legged pot used for making jollof rice is made of, cast iron!  This pot is known for its durability and even heat distribution and its non-sticky nature. It is best-used when glazed.

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