When we talk about setting the table, a dinner set is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Your selection of plates, bowls and accessories is the blank canvas for the meal and sets the tone of the occasion, whether it’s casual or formal; traditional or contemporary. 

Selecting the right dinner set is all about matching your tableware with the way you like to eat and entertain. A good choice will have the right balance of style and practicality for your household and be well suited not only to your table but also to your kitchen and the way you cook. 

We’ve put together an easy guide to help select the right dinner set for you, with a few essential care tips to make sure you can enjoy your tableware for years to come.

Choosing The Right Dinner Set For You


The first thing to consider is the tone of your dinner set. Traditionally, dinner sets fall into ‘casual’ or ‘formal’ categories. Do you want something sturdy you can rely on every day? Or do you want something stylish and impressive for special occasions? Often the answer is a bit of both. 

The contemporary approach to tone is flexible, as it’s not always practical to have an entirely separate dinner set just for entertaining. Homely collection of dinner sets features a selection of everyday, classic designs can easily be expanded into more formal dining set with the addition of a few more decorative pieces.



The next consideration is what size you want your dinner set to be. Our dinner sets are available in a few configurations.

12-piece dinner set

Perfect for smaller households, with just the basics for easy dining.

4 x dinner plates 
4 x side plates 
4 x bowls

36-piece dinner set

Ideal for first-time buyers and students. Great for dinner parties, with all the essentials and room to accessorise. The most versatile option for any meal of the day – ideal for families.

4 x dinner plates 
4 x side plates 
4 x bowls

4 x tumblers, knives, glass tumblers, forks, tablespoons and teaspoons.

All these dinner sets come beautifully gift-boxed. This custom packaging makes a Homely dinner set a fantastic gift idea for a wedding, housewarming present or any occasion.


All these dinner sets come beautifully gift-boxed. This custom packaging makes a Homely dinner set a fantastic gift idea for a wedding, housewarming present or any occasion. The style of your dinner set will ideally reflect your personal taste – it should bring you pleasure every time you set the table. 

From simple to decadent to fun and quirky, we have an unparalleled range of designs to choose from. Experiment with styles and textures and consider your home décor and any accessories or napery when making your decision.

Coupe or rimmed

Many collections will feature different varieties of bowls, mug and plate shapes, either coupe (rimless) or with a rim. Plates and bowls with a rim have a slightly more formal feel and are designed for meals with liquids/juices which may ‘splash’ during cutting or eating. Coupe plates and bowls are more informal, designed for dishes which can be eaten without further cutting, like salads or stir-fries.


Caring for your dinnerware

A few simple guidelines can help to keep your dinner set in magnificent condition for years to come.



Porcelain is the most versatile ceramic for dinnerware, made from clay, white granite stone and quartz. It is always glazed and dependent on any surface decorations, are microwave and dishwasher safe. Your porcelain dinnerware should not be used in the oven except for warming.


It’s always best to wash dishes straight away to remove any acidic food residues. 

When hand-washing your dinnerware, wash each dish individually. It can help to place a plastic tub inside the sink to cushion the dish from the stainless steel of the basin. Use mild liquid detergent and a soft-bristled brush or non-abrasive cloth to wash each dish, and dry thoroughly before putting away. 

If using a dishwasher, take care not to overload the rack and keep cutlery and any metal pots or pans away from your dinnerware. Items may move during the wash cycle, and even light contact can scratch or chip your dishes.


When stacking your dishes, place something soft like a napkin between them to avoid scratching.


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