Four (4) Things You Can Store in Canisters or Containers other than food

When you think of canisters, you see well-organised pantries and kitchen. But we want to let you know that there are other practical ways you can use them to help you organise your home, work and life. 

The great thing about our canisters is that the sizes and shapes are well thought out. They were designed with tight spaces in mind. In this case, cupboards or kitchen cabinets are usually the areas that are small and needs more organisation than anything in order to fit everything in, neatly.

Some of our containers are tall and narrow while others are short and can be stacked on top of each other. The top lid stays on securely, with a squeeze mechanism that releases the airtight seal and opens them. You’ll also appreciate how nice carved they are and how well they fit into cupboards. 

Let us tell you some of the handy things around your home that canisters can store, protect, conceal and organise.

  1. Home knick-knacks and assortments

Like any common household, we can all agree that somewhere in our house there are unravelled ribbons from last Christmas, yarns of wool or strings that were once used to wrap a birthday present you receive from family members. Homely container or canister is great to store those items. It can save you from chaos and helps you organise these knick-knacks in one place so you can find them easily again when you need them.

  1. Fashion accessories

If you have jewellery or accessories, you probably want to keep your earrings, hair scrunchies, rings, or bracelets in a designated area where it can prevent them from wearing out or catch dust. With our storage canisters, you’ll be able to preserve their durability as well as being able to easily reach out for them when you’re getting ready. Say goodbye to searching through hundreds of tiny scattered pieces of jewellery. 

  1. Makeup and beauty tools

At times some of us tend to leave our makeup and beauty tools stored in the open or in a dark corner to conceal them from dirt or dust. Instead of doing that, store makeup tools like your brushes in airtight canisters. This way the bristles are protected from hovering bacteria.

They fit perfectly for your brush heights. You can add coffee beans, rice or pebbles at the bottom so the brush can stand upright without your brushes touching each other.

  1. Office gadgets and supplies

Whether it is pencil getting in the way of your keyboard, paperclips lying around on your work desk, spare staples or rechargeable mouse batteries waiting to be reused, you can store these little knick-knacks in matching canister sets. They have a decent polished look on the table and has a basic small size that can easily fit within drawer spaces (if any).

Do you have any crafty ways of storing and keeping your home, work and life items organised? Share with us in the comment below.

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