The Only Fit-Fam Device(s) You’d Ever Need!


Once upon a time we could eat whatever we wanted and not even bother about what the scales were saying, did we even check our weights outside the walls of the clinic? It was even more like, the bigger the better! Oh, how times have changed!  

A lot has indeed changed in the past decades, medical research aided by advance in technology has gone light years ahead. Awareness has grown of various obesity-related diseases. Now words like BMI, keto, vegan, toned muscles, calories, power foods have crept into our vocabulary and it looks like they’ve come to stay. You know, sometimes you just want to ignore all the rave yet you just cannot deny the fact that it is important to live a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle which our food and feeding habits are a major part of.

There are tons of devices that can aid you on this journey towards fulfilling your fitness goals. We have however handpicked some of them, which are both indispensable as they are irresistible, you’d definitely thank us later.

 Juice Extractors

Juicing is about the best way to consume your fruits and some vegetable. It makes sure all the nutrients are absorbed. Some of us have digestive systems that are not able to extract all the important nutrients from fruits and vegetable, this is where juicing comes in.

This Kenwood all-white, continuous juicer comes with 700w motor and a 0.75L juice collector. It’s got a whole fruit feed tube, detachable dishwasher safe parts and 2 speeds for soft and hard fruits. It also has the Kenwood patented anti-drip technology.


We also present …

The Sabichi Manual 3-Tier Steamer


Steaming your food helps to retain the structure, colour and taste of the food. You get to cook without oil and also retain all the vitamins, minerals and essential.

 That’s not all. We also have…

Smoothie Blenders from Kenwood

Smoothies are the health food of this era, it is yet another way to maximize your fruits and veggies. You won’t go wrong with any of these of these models. We hope choosing wouldn’t be so much of a hassle since they are both so great!


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