Help! Really, I’ve Tried but My Place is Always a Mess!

Being organized is not a superpower. Some people seem to have figured it out and you’d wonder just how they do it. You’d be amazed that by making the following simple changes and adjustments, your living space would wear such an appealing and refreshing look, a place you’d look forward to retiring to after the day’s grind.

Declutter Your Mind

I’ve found that when there’s a raging storm in this space called my mind, it somehow reflects in my immediate environment. From the files on my PC to wardrobe to the kitchen or even my to-do list, it all flows from the headquarters. Usually, I’d write down the task that are pending or journal about all that beclouding my processing unit.


A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

This phrase changed my life. No, I’m serious. I have applied it so much that if you ask me about anything within my possession, I’d be able to say to the letter exactly where it is. It gives a certain kind of good feeling of being in control of your life, and this my friend is priceless!


Help is Okay!

There is something about asking for help that makes us feel somewhat vulnerable, our competence would be questioned we’d often think. I beg to differ. Please not every time super mans, strong girls *in Jenifa’s voice. It’s perfectly normal to ask for help or hire one. Also Involve the kids. If you have children, let them help no matter how small it appears, they can do so much more than we allow them do.


No Pressure

It is true, we need to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones and not nap on our chores but if putting undue pressure on yourself usually breeds guilt and too much guilt has a weird ability to repeat what generated it.


Make Use of Storage Organizers

These items were made in heaven. From organizing cutlery, clothing accessories, cosmetics et cetera. They are quite versatile too. You can find organizers in various shapes and sizes and even made with diverse materials. They are your best friends in making sure that you don’t have stuff flying around.
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